The Broxburn Bowling Club, Longbyres off Station Road Broxburn Lothian EH52 5TF

White Eagle Spiritualist Church


Service Times


The church opens its doors at 6:45pm and  the service will start at 7.30pm


To conform with current Corona virus conditions the donation collection no longer takes place. we are now charging a £2 admission fee instead.


There are tea candles on the "top table" come and light one in memory of a departed relative or friend now  spirit  if its their birthday or anniversary etc


The chairperson will welcome all present then intoduce the visiting medium and explain whats  on the evenings agenda .


The opening hymn is sung


Then there is the opening prayer.


This is followed   by the next hymn


Some mediums will give a little talk for between 2 and 10 minutes  to explain how  they will be working on the evening . Some will give a little talk on spiritual philosophy or some  will talk for a few minutes  to relax  themselves and the audience as they may relate some funny story which is applicable to the church or spiritualism in general .


The demonstration is next  and the biggest part of the evening`s agenda  and the reason  most people are there


Next on the agenda is the healing list including absent healing requests.


The medium appearing the following week is announced as are the mediums appearing at the church`s  two associate  churches.


The Closing hymn is sung.


The guest medium gives the closing prayer


The tombola or  raffle  


The close


Tea and coffee is also available for those  who want to remain and  have a chat  

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