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White Eagle Spiritualist Church




In a spiritualist church a christening is called a naming ceremony  and can  be conducted  in private before the normal church service but the majority have this incorporated into the normal weekly service so everyone can see and join in the lovely ceremony










Spiritual naming ceremonies are beautiful occasions and are conducted with the help of a  medium of your choice , ( Ian can assist you in this ) The medium will  link with the world of spirit and channels an angelic  name for the child. This name is given to the person as their spiritual name. This can be done at any age, from babies to adults.    Sponsors are chosen, who are there for you through your life to help and guide  just  like traditional god parents would do.    This is a beautiful time and can be experienced by all. Those receiving the naming ceremony  then will be given a blessing and a candle lit for them. A reading will be chosen, after the reading the medium will honour your spirit with your spiritual name, and during the ceremony the medium will sprinkle the baby / recipient with rose petals  which is a very special moment.

 A tribute will be given by your sponsors and guests, they will then be invited to present their chosen gift to those being named in the ceremony, this is normally in the form of something angelic , a crystal or even a flower. This will be arranged when you discuss the ceremony with Ian .

Though by no means obligatory its normal practise for the familiy concerned to bring along a simple offering of snacks/ sandwiches to be enjoyed by those present.  Once again Ian can advise you on all these aspects and any other questions you might have.